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Looking for afternoon tea ideas?

Perhaps you're looking for great recipes, or suggestions for a tea party?

Or maybe you're not sure which tea to serve, or how to serve it?

On this site, we look at different ideas for tea parties, which teas to choose and which food goes well with each tea.

We love tea, and we can help you choose which tea you might prefer. We have information on black teas, green teas and herbal teas. We answer questions such as:

How does green tea help you to lose weight?
How long should green tea or black tea be left to brew before pouring?
Should the milk go in first, or last, and does it really matter anyway?

If you're looking for recipes, we have great ideas for cakes, pastries, finger sandwiches and more. These mini meringues are gorgeous for a summer treat, for example.

Perhaps you're stuck for fresh ideas on finger sandwich fillings?

Or would like to know how to make beautifully flaky English tea scones - the ones pictured are peach scones.....

All our recipes have been tried, tested and tweaked by us personally. The recipes are written plainly and in an easy to follow format. Measurements are given in grams and in cups.

We love to serve pastries with afternoon tea - or even morning coffee!

Our very favourite pastry recipes are all here, such as these chocolate eclairs, pretty little jam tarts and melt-in-the-mouth pate sablee cookies.

Pastry has a reputation for being difficult - but with the right instructions and a little perseverance, anyone can make delicious homemade pastry.

We love cake, cupcakes and cookies for afternoon tea. All our favourite recipes are here, including the best frostings for each cake.

Pictured here is our favourite luscious lemon layer cake, made with homemade lemon curd.

The slice of cake is chocolate zucchini cake, with thick and glossy chocolate ganache frosting.

Pretty little vanilla cupcakes with sugared topping coloured with natural fruit puree are a simple and pretty afternoon tea accompaniment.

Afternoon tea is an opportunity to take some time out for friends and family, or even just yourself. A time to bring out your best china and enjoy some of the finer things in life.

We love to set the table for afternoon tea as prettily as we can.

We've got some beautiful napkin folding ideas and a simple tutorial to teach your how to make your own cloth table napkins.

We also have suggestions for hosting a tea party, from tea party etiquette to menu ideas.

We love checking out new ideas for setting the table and presenting food. Maybe you'd like to serve matcha green tea and create your own Japanese Tea Ceremony. Or perhaps sharing poetry at a Poetry Tea Party sounds appealing?

Take a look around the site and lick your lips over our delicious photos!

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