Best Cake Recipes

This is a selection of our best cake recipes for serving with afternoon tea.

These are all recipes that we've tried, tested and often changed so make them the very best they can be. In our opinion, of course! We'd love your feedback on whether they're your favourites too.

My boys absolutely love baking cakes. They definitely have their favourites though. Jamie prefers vanilla cake, whilst Oscar prefers chocolate. I adore lemon. Stephen says he doesn't have a favourite. He loves them all. They are all his "best cake recipes"... :)

Chocolate (I love this) is good for you, according to the German Institute of Nutrition. In small quantities of course. But what a great thing this is! Good quality dark chocolate in small amounts can help to reduce your blood pressure, and so reduce the risk of a heart attack!!

This is all the justification I need!

Knowing how to melt chocolate is a particularly useful skill in baking chocolate cakes. I like to use a steamer or a bain marie, but I have given instructions for using a bowl and a pan on the stove top.

Best Cake Recipes

Chocolate zucchini cake is a wonderful way to use up the glut of zucchinis in the summer. It is easy to make and is utterly delicious. Especially when topped with dark chocolate ganache.

This fresh strawberry cake is literally full of strawberries! We stir strawberries into the sponge itself, then fill it with strawberry cream and decorate the top with strawberries too! You can use frozen strawberries too! So you can have the summer flavour in winter time.

Lemon poppyseed cake is possibly my favourite daily tea cake. It's simple, tasty, not overly sweet and the kids love it! It's perfect for afternoon tea at any time of year. The flavour of the lemon is perfect with the poppy seeds.

We have searched over the years for the best moist carrot cake recipe, and with our tweaks, we think we have it. The result is moist, filling, incredibly tasty and very moreish. A great winter treat. This is a cake to eat in slabs.....

Lemon layer cake, made into four tiers, filled with homemade lemon curd and topped with tangy lemon icing is probably my all time favourite.

Parkin is a traditional Yorkshire cake. It has a light ginger flavour, but most of the flavour comes from the oatmeal and the black treacle (fancy molasses). This is an authentic old-fashioned North of England recipe handed down to me by my grandma.

English chocolate cake is basically a sponge cake, but you can ring the changes with different fillings and frostings. My favourite filling is fresh strawberries and cream, and I prefer the simplicity of a dusting of icing on the top.

This apple fruit cake is made like an afternoon tea loaf. It's a lovely homely recipe that feels healthy to eat. It's not too sweet, beautifully moist and it's perfect for a snack with a cup of tea in the afternoon.

Dundee cake is a deliciously moist fruit cake. It's a filling afternoon tea cake that stands on it's own with a nice cup of tea. Its distinctive decoration is made of almonds placed in concentric circles.

This cappuccino cake is outrageously good! A must try. It's even gluten-free; a real plus these days. It's light and airy with a creamy topping and great coffee flavour.

This fresh strawberry chiffon cake. is just lovely for a summer afternoon tea. The cake is a very light chiffon sponge, with marinated fresh strawberries and a mascarpone cream filling.

This triple chocolate mousse cake is one of our favourites yet. It's impressive, but not too difficult for a cook with a little experience. It does take some effort, and it's not a cake we have regularly - but for a treat, it's amazing.

Simnel cake is a traditional cake to serve at Easter time in England. It's a beautifully moist fruit cake, with a layer of marzipan (almond paste) in the middle. It is then topped with marzipan and little marzipan balls. We like to decorate it with mini eggs.

This moist banana bread recipe is delicious and easy to make. It has the great benefit of being a cake that the flavour improves when it is made a couple of days in advance.

This summer, we made three different white chocolate raspberry cakes. They were all beautiful! Stephen and I made different versions.

Mine was a simple white chocolate sponge with fresh raspberries and cream and a truly beautiful raspberry icing. The colour of the icing made just with raspberry puree was amazing.

Stephen's was a white chocolate mousse on a plain sponge topped with raspberry puree. This is really just a different take on the triple chocolate mousse cake. It looked amazing.

The final joint effort was a raspberry mousse, which was such a pretty pink! The balance between the sweetness of the white chocolate and the tartness of the raspberries was perfect.

If you're looking for something pretty to put your cake on, this lovely cake stand from Royal Doulton is a lovely option. I love fine china for afternoon tea. This pretty little stand really looks the part. You can buy one here at Amazon.