Cake Frosting Recipes

These are my favourite cake frosting recipes. I have put them separate to the actual cakes I tend to use them with, because it's fun to try different toppings on different cakes.

For example, the ganache frosting recipe tastes great on the zucchini chocolate cake, but also it's good on dark chocolate cupcakes.

Although some cake is just lovely on its own and really doesn't need frosting, others really need the extra sweetness and beauty that a good frosting can give. Sponge cakes in particular need the extra moisture and flavour. 

Some sponges, the more moist ones in particular, do not reliably rise. Frankly there are some cakes that I have made that have never risen! Such as the best moist chocolate cake, for example. But the taste of the cake is so delicious that we really don't mind. In this case, a lovely thick coat of chocolate ganache topping not only enhances the flavour, but also the look of the cake.

Each recipe gives the quantity for topping 12 small cupcakes and how much to increase it by to top a cake (where I think it would go well on a cake). I've also made suggestions for the different kinds of cake to use each topping on.

Cake Frosting Recipes

Chocolate butter frosting is a simple topping that can be made very easily by hand. It's wonderful for topping cupcakes, and it's also a delicious filling for chocolate cakes.

I have two chocolate cream cheese frosting recipes. The first is for a very pretty glossy frosting and the second is a pile it high decadent topping.

Powdered sugar frosting is easy and versatile and extremely pretty. It's easy to flavour and to colour. I try to keep my toppings as natural as possible, and all of the colour comes from different fruit purees.

This fluffy frosting recipe is delicious on cupcakes. It's sweet and creamy and makes a perfect topping to vanilla cakes in particular. It can be piled high roughly or you can pipe it on for a neater look.

Chocolate ganache frosting makes a beautiful glossy and elegant topping for chocolate cakes. It can also be used as a filling in cakes and can also be piled high onto cupcakes for a really rich and decadent topping.

Coffee chocolate frosting is really perfect to serve on cappuccino cake. You only need a thin layer because it is so rich - but it is utterly delicious. It can also be used as a cake filling in chocolate sponge cakes.

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