Cupcake Ideas

These are my favourite cupcake ideas for serving with afternoon tea. Although I do enjoy traditional English sponge cake, I absolutely love the new American style cupcakes. They are so light and fluffy and the slightly over-the-top creamy toppings are sweet and delicious.

I also love more traditional sugar frosting toppings. The ones pictured here are made with fruit puree rather than food colouring. They are so pretty!

Also, they are very easy to make and my children frequently make these themselves for afternoon tea. We have adjusted all the recipes so that it only makes a few cupcakes - 12 small ones. They do last better than whole cakes as well, so we can have cupcakes two days in a row (though I have to admit they rarely make it past the evening).

We also like to serve cupcakes along with something savoury, like finger sandwiches, for our regular afternoon tea breaks. I like making miniature cupcakes, because then it becomes a tiny tasty treat that we can indulge in more often.

I have suggested with each recipe which toppings we prefer. I ended up making a whole section on frostings, because we have so many different recipes that we like. This means that there are enormous possibilities for regularly making very different cakes, just by using different frosting recipes.

Cupcake Ideas

We often have chocolate chip cupcakes in the afternoon. These are great little cakes to make with the children. They are a traditional English sponge mixture which makes me feel nostalgic....

Sometimes we indulge ourselves with our dark chocolate cupcakes, which are utterly delicious. I prefer to make these cupcakes in particular as tiny cupcakes, because they are so rich.

I have also given this chocolate cupcake recipe here, because this recipe is lighter than the other two. The chocolate chip cupcakes are a traditional Victoria sponge and the Dark chocolate cupcakes are very rich.

Vanilla cupcakes are a little more adult, beautifully sweet, and very reliable. They rise properly every time and taste delicious with various different toppings.

Red Velvet cupcakes are light and pretty. I love the contrast of the red sponge with the white topping. It is exactly the same recipe as the chocolate cupcake above, but you can change the water for colouring.

These lemon cupcakes are delicious! The cake itself is a beautifully buttery, yet light and well-risen sponge cake which we top with zingy lemon frosting. You can fill them with either lemon curd or freshly whipped cream.

They would look so pretty on a stand like this New Country Roses Vintage Formal 3-Tier Cake Stand from Amazon. Especially if you served them with a few other afternoon tea treats, like meringues, tiny chocolate eclairs and little fruit tarts. They really are the perfect accompaniment to a full afternoon tea spread.

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