Easy Cookie Recipes

Our most scrumptious favourites

These easy cookie recipes give something for everyone. I've chosen only my very favourites that we like to share for afternoon tea. Choose from chocolate chip cookies, melting moments, oatmeal cookies and more.....

We don't have a full afternoon tea every day. Often, we just like to have a small snack with a cup of tea to keep us going until dinner. I find that a cookie with a piece of fruit and a cup of tea is often just perfect.

We slice up apples or pears thinly, or cut oranges into wedges and serve alongside a plate of small cookies. For wholesome days we often choose oatmeal cookies, or slices of apple cake.

For special treats, we go for the full squidgy chocolate cookie. Definitely our favourite, but it's too much every day.

Easy Cookie Recipes:

I love florentine cookies! Next to easy chocolate chip cookies, these are my number one favourites. They are flour free - always a bonus with afternoon tea. Basically, they are nuts, dried fruit, toffee and chocolate. Mmmm.... bliss.

This melting moments recipe is based on the superb Cranks recipe. These cookies, made with butter and oats literally melt in your mouth. They are light and incredibly moreish. We love them!

This chocolate chocolate chip cookie recipe makes gorgeous little dark chocolate cookies with a slightly crunchy outside and a lovely soft fudgy middle with chocolate chips.

Russian tea cakes close up

Russian tea cakes are so beautiful, with their powdered sugar coating. These pretty little cookies are totally delicious as well - similar to the flakiest shortbread, with cinnamon and vanilla flavours and chopped nuts (optional).

These little oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are very quick and easy to make up. They are crunchy, just very slightly soft in the middle and totally delicious. The oatmeal makes them more wholesome, despite the chocolate chips.

Tiny cookies, delicately decorated, look so pretty. They're great for children's tea parties. One of our favourites are little soft gingerbread cookies. They're brilliant for little hands to make....

I love shortbread! This shortbread cookie recipe uses just butter. This makes lovely crispy Scottish shortbread which I like to cut into thin rounds for afternoon tea.

This is a really easy chocolate chip cookie recipe that makes cookies that are slightly crunchy on the outside and slightly soft in the middle. I love them whilst they are still warm and fresh from the oven.

This is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe that I have found so far with regard to reliability (they remain thick) and ease (very easy) - and of course, they taste wonderful....

Pate sablee is a sweet and rich pastry made with butter, sugar, flour and egg yolk. This recipe is easy to follow, and is perfect for making little fruit tarts, lemon tarts or flaky and delicate cookies.

I love these pretty little snickerdoodle cookies! They are very easy to make and look really professional. I love the cinnamon flavour of these old-fashioned European-style cookies.

These coconut cookies are very slightly cruncy on the outside and soft and slightly squidgy on the inside. The lemon zest gives them a little lift. These neat little cookies are lovely for afternoon tea.

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