Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe

My egg salad sandwich recipe is creamy, tangy and delicious. I use my secret ingredient to spice them up....

Egg salad sandwiches are quintessentially English and an important part of an afternoon tea spread. But I often find them a bit boring.

More modern egg salad sandwiches include celery, capers or spring onions (scallions). I like the softness of the sandwich without these additions, but they can lack flavour.

Enter our secret ingredient. Salad cream. So simple. So obvious.

If you live abroad, you might have difficulty buying Heinz Salad Cream. Look in your local English supply store – most British expats manage to have a bottle in their cupboard..... It’s a great store cupboard ingredient.

Alternatively, it is easy to make. It just doesn't keep for so long.

You can follow these links to our favourite recipes for homemade mayonnaise and salad cream.

This egg salad sandwich recipe can be made with either shop bought or homemade mayonnaise. The salad cream can be shop bought or homemade too.

We honestly couldn't decide which one we liked best. Homemade or shop bought. Certainly egg sandwiches without the salad cream, homemade or otherwise, is nowhere near as tasty.

Let me know. Which one do you prefer?

Personally, we prefer white bread for egg sandwiches, but of course, you can choose.

Some people like to add mustard and cress or watercress to their egg salad sandwiches. I think this gives the sandwiches a lovely crunch and of course, it looks really pretty.

Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe

Level: Easy
Time: 30 minutes
including cooking and cooling
Makes 4 small sandwiches

1 large egg
1/2 scant tbsp mayonnaise
1 scant tsp salad cream
Salt and pepper
Mustard and cress,
or watercress (optional)

Note: If you are making homemade salad cream, put two extra eggs in the pan at this point.

  • Boil the eggs first. Goodness! Even this is contentious! But our method is:

  • Put the eggs in a pan and cover with cold water. Put the heat on under the pan, and turn down to a simmer as it begins to bubble. At this point, start your timer, the eggs should be just very gently "chattering" in the pan.

    We prefer them just very slightly soft. Time them for 8 minutes to have a soft but firm yolk, and for 10 minutes to be fully hard boiled (best, apparently, for children, the elderly and pregnant women).

  • As soon as they are cooked, put them in cold water, or even iced water. Refresh the water from time to time and once they are cool enough, you can peel and rinse them.

  • Put the eggs in a bowl and mash roughly with a fork. This really is a matter of preference, but I don’t like the pieces to be too big personally because I’m not really all that fond of egg on its own.
  • Now add the other ingredients and mix together, apart from the cress or watercress.

  • Taste, and add more mayonnaise or salad cream if you think it needs it. Make sure that the mixture is not too runny. The mayonnaise should only just bind the egg mixture together.

  • Use butter to make sandwiches, please. Margarine is wrong. It tastes bad and I’m not sure it’s really all that good for you. Butter is best. If you’re going to have a tea time treat, don’t skimp. Of course it’s different if you don’t actually like the taste of butter...

  • If you don’t like butter, just don’t bother with anything. After all, there’s plenty of mayonnaise in these sandwiches.

  • Put all the mixture onto one slice of bread. If the slices are small, there might be too much. The filling needs to be generous, or there's not enough flavour to overcome the bread, but too much and the sandwich becomes unmanageable to eat without egg squishing out all over the place.

  • Finally, add some mustard and cress or watercress (just use the leaves). Top with the other slice of bread and lightly press down.
I think sandwiches look pretty on rectangular platters. This beautiful Royal Albert Vintage Formal Sandwich Tray in Polka Blue from Amazon is one I have had my eye on for a long time now.... I love the design and think that egg mayonnaise sandwiches would look particularly pretty on it.

As with all afternoon finger sandwiches, trim off the crusts, and cut into small shapes, square, triangles or fingers, depending on what look you would like.

Personally, I prefer triangles so that you can really see the filling pushing out. I use a serrated knife and cut the egg salad sandwich very carefully so as not to press down too hard. Otherwise the filling spurts out!

Serve with

Serve egg salad sandwiches with a selection of other finger sandwiches, English tea scones and cake of your choice.

If you do have them on their own, I think they go very well with English Breakfast, or Lapsang Souchong. They do also taste great with Sencha Green Tea.

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