Green Tea for Weight Loss

Drinking green tea for weight loss is a simple thing to do and has been scientifically proven to have great results. Alongside a healthy diet, green tea helps to burn fat and so reduce weight.

Of course, it goes without saying that it makes sense to have a rounded healthy diet to go along with the tea. Healthy treats for afternoon tea is perhaps a good idea if you're trying to trim down a little.

No need to feel deprived though. There are plenty of lovely things to choose from.

When Stephen and I were intent on losing weight, we would eat very healthily for six days out of seven. But the seventh day was for treats. Often, that treat would be afternoon tea with cake.....

Drinking green tea to help to lose weight seems like a pretty good idea to me! It's tasty, it's certainly healthy, and it can replace some of the water that we should drink to keep hydrated.

Drinking green tea for weight loss works in three particular ways.

It prevents energy in the body from being turned into fat.

Our bodies turn food into triglyceride to use as a source of energy. If there are excess amounts, it is turned into fat and stored away.

The polyphenols in green tea contain an enzyme that dissolves triglycerides.
Most of us in the modern world tend to eat too much, so having an enzyme that blasts this fat before it can be stored is great!

It stimulates metabolism.

One of the antioxidants in tea causes fat to be released back into the blood stream which the body then uses as fuel.

It allows people to exercise for longer by improving endurance.

Improved endurance means that we can exercise for longer, and use up more calories. Obviously, this means that we will lose weight more easily.

See for more details of these health benefits of green tea.

According to WHFoods, the best teas are the ones grown at high altitudes. The leaves mature slowly and are said to have a richer flavour.

They are also said to contain more antioxidants and would therefore be a better green tea to drink for losing weight, or indeed for any other health benefit.

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