Ham Sandwiches

Ham sandwiches are an important part of an English afternoon tea. There are many different types of delicious ham to choose from. Personally, I adore traditional roast Yorkshire ham.  

My favourite recipe is fairly simple. I like ham cut fairly thickly and served with Dijon mustard mayonnaise on brown bread. If I am serving other sandwiches with mayonnaise, such as egg salad or tuna, I often leave out the mayonnaise and just serve the sandwich with mustard.

If you have a really good butcher locally, they may roast their own ham, and in that case, you should choose this over cheap ham. Most ham that you can buy in packets is watery and rather tasteless. Of course many supermarkets do now sell good ham by the slice on the deli counter. I can't buy my favourite ham here in Canada, but my local supermarket does sell a lovely Tuscany ham which is quite delicious.

We lived in Ilkley, Yorkshire, and our local butcher was David Lishman, who is famed for his sausages, pork pies, black puddings. His ham was pretty amazing too. Good Yorkshire ham is a real treat. I loved how linked the butcher was to the farmers. He knew where all his meat came from, and he and the servers in the shop were all so knowledgeable. Big thumbs up for Mr Lishman!

Ham Sandwiches

Makes 4 small tea sandwiches

2 slices brown bread
Good quality roast ham
Soft butter
Dijon mustard
and/or mayonnaise

  • Spread the butter on both slices of bread.

  • Lay the ham on one side of the bread. If you have roasted your own ham, you can cut the slices a little thicker, which I think is nicer.

  • Spread some Dijon mustard on the other slice. You need to be able to taste the mustard, but not have it too over-powering. This is why I tend to use Dijon rather than English mustard. Dijon mustard is a bit more forgiving if you go overboard!

  • If you prefer to serve with mustard mayonnaise, take half a tablespoon of mayonnaise and stir in half a teaspoon of dijon mustard.

  • Put the slices of bread together and press down lightly. Cut off the crusts and cut the sandwich into four triangles, fingers or squares.

  • Cover with a damp towel until ready to serve for up to one hour.

I love this simple green Plastic Rectangular Tray, sold in a pack of six, 12" Length x 18" Width from Amazon. I think they're great value, and wonderful for serving a large afternoon tea.

Serve with

Ham sandwiches look so pretty served with cucumber sandwiches - and they complement each other beautifully. I love to have them with Sencha green tea.

They are great as part of a full afternoon spread with a selection of other finger sandwiches, buttermilk scones, snickerdoodle cookies and chocolate zucchini cake. Try serving this combination with Earl Grey tea or with mint tea if you prefer herbal.

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