More Tasty Treats

Here's a selection of more tasty treats - the things that don't fit under cakes, cookies, scones or pastry recipes.

Afternoon tea can be a bit of a flour fest. So it's nice to have a few alternatives, like tiny meringues. These meringues are soft as clouds inside and crispy on the outside. They are utterly delicious and moreish.

And how about more tasty treats for winter? The kind of food you want to have on a winter's afternoon, snuggled up by a lovely warm fire, or wrapped in a soft rug.

These particular recipes are to be served warm. When it's really cold outside, there's nothing quite like a lovely warm snack with a great cup of tea or hot chocolate to warm you through.

This is my favourite recipe for homemade hot chocolate - properly made with real chocolate. Totally divine. You will never drink it from a packet ever again!!!

Crumpets are fun. We love to eat them with lavishly spread with butter and honey. But I adore pikelets! They are thinner and more crispy than crumpets - and I could eat them every day, generously spread with butter.

A Fat Rascal is a crumbly and delicious cross between an English scone and a kind of firm cake. Nutmeg, cinnamon, raisins, cherries and almonds flavour this marvellous afternoon tea treat.

Toasted currant teacakes are another great English favourite. Teacakes, cut in half and toasted, smothered in butter are often served in tea rooms throughout England.

More tasty treats include the simplicity of cinnamon toast or even just plain toast made from great bread.

For that matter, you can't get much more simple, yet delicious, than crusty french bread, warmed in the oven and served with homemade hot chocolate.

Around Christmas time, I love to have warm mince pies for an afternoon tea. You can make your own, or buy good quality shop bought pies and serve them with a dollop of double cream or  brandy butter.

If you are lucky enough to have a real fire, make sure you light that first, and then snuggle down together. What a lovely time to perhaps read out loud as a family, or to indulge in some quiet reading. Sharing tea doesn't always have to be formal.....

I have many pleasant memories of going to Betty's Tearoom in Ilkley, Yorkshire, the town I grew up, with my mum. It was our special treat. Now I try to replicate some of that joy here at home with my family in Canada.

One of our special treats was to go out for hot chocolate and buttered pikelets (thin crumpets). The hot chocolate recipe below, and I never thought this was possible, is actually better than Bettys.

After some practice, the pikelets are pretty good too!

If you enjoyed these ideas for more tasty treats, maybe you'd enjoy our pastry recipes too.