My Afternoon Tea: August 2015

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This last month in the Kootenays has been roasting hot - up in the 30s most days and even up in the 40s. For a delicate English rose like myself, it's too hot to bake!! To be honest, it's too hot for tea.... Thank goodness for iced tea!

Iced tea is relatively new for me. It's more of an American thing, I think. But it's wonderful to serve for afternoon tea. It looks so very pretty with a few garnishes on the top, or served with flower ice cubes. 

My favourite iced teas this summer

Raspberry iced tea

Raspberry Iced Tea is so refreshing! We made the tea from scratch using Ceylon tea, homemade raspberry cordial and lemon juice. It was amazingly delicious! 

You can buy Belvoir Raspberry & Lemon Cordial online at Amazon, but it really was very simple to make at home. We served raspberry iced tea with a peach melba made using the raspberry cordial as a sauce over the peaches and icecream.
Peach iced tea

Peach Iced Tea was also high on my list - perhaps because the peaches this year are so juicy and tasty! Again, we used a homemade cordial and then we used thin slices of frozen peach in the drink itself. Yuuuumy! Peach tea is quite sweet and we thought it was delicious with scones.

Green iced tea

Green Iced Tea is third on the list - but I think it's actually my favourite. We brewed the tea cold. When you brew the tea cold like this, you can save the tea leaves and use them again to make hot tea, which I have most mornings. Cold brewing makes a naturally lighter and sweeter tea. Perfect served with cucumber sandwiches.

I bought my Ceylon tea from Adagio Teas, which is where I buy most of my tea. They also do a range of delicious ready mixed iced teas that are well worth a try. Should you consider this, then use this link to click through and save $5 off your first tea order on

Flower or Fruit Ice Cubes

We had a lot of fun making these! The kids love them, and they look absolutely gorgeous with iced tea. We made raspberry ones for the raspberry iced tea and cucumber, mint and borage for the green iced tea.  

Simply pop fruit in the tray and cover with water and freeze. There is more of an art to it.... Read more here!
Fruit ice cubes

Four New Cucumber Sandwich ideas

Cucumber with peppermint

Served as an open sandwich in a fan, this combination was very refreshing. The peppermint was particularly lovely, but you can substitute with ordinary garden mint.

It's simple, but quite lovely served this way.

We garnished it with paprika for extra prettiness.

Cucumber with horseradish

Cucumber goes beautifully with creamy horseradish sauce. You only need a little though! We garnished with borage flowers for a very pretty look.

A 5 cm (2 inch) cutter is just the perfect size for a slice of cucumber. No borage? Put the horseradish on top instead.

Cucumber sandwich
Cucumber sandwiches

Cucumber with balsamic vinegar

We dipped the cucumber slices in balsamic vinegar and placed on bread and butter rounds. Simple, but utterly delicious.

Cucumber with preserved lemon

We made our own preserved lemons earlier this year, from one of my favourite cookbooks: Ottolenghi: The Cookbook. To serve, rinse off the salt, scrape away the insides and chop the peel into slices. They are utterly sublime.
Cucumber sandwiches
Cucumber sandwiches

Book Lover's Day

August 9th is Book Lover's Day. Lying on a hammock in the dappled shade of a beautiful tree with an excellent book, a cup of tea and a delicious afternoon tea treat. How can you beat that? I'll be curling up with All That Followed: A Novel. It comes out on 4th August - just in time! What will you read?

Favourite garnish video

This pretty cucumber flower would look lovely as a garnish for cucumber sandwiches. Why do I always spot these videos after I've taken all the photographs? :-)

I tried it though, and it's slightly fiddly, but definitely possible. And they are so lovely.

I do hope you enjoyed My Afternoon Tea newsletter. I'm keen to make it something that you look forward to. So if you have any suggestions or requests for things you'd like to see more of - or less of - then I welcome your comments.

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