My Afternoon Tea: February 2017

Take an afternoon tea break and enjoy
baking tips and techniques and
fresh ideas for afternoon tea presentation.

Hearts and Flowers!

Hello everyone!

I realise it has been an awfully long time since I wrote a newsletter. Over a year, actually! So welcome to all of you who have signed up during that time. And welcome back to my existing subscribers. We've still been baking! Just not writing so much.

Winter can feel a little relentless up here in the mountains at this time of year. I can find myself grumbling a little. I'm tired of snow! Tired of freezing temperatures! Where on Earth did the sun go? Maybe we should have emigrated to Kenya....

And then Valentine's Day pops up, with all those hearts and flowers. It's all a bit daft and silly and over-the-top - and I love it! It's exactly the twinkle I feel I've been missing. This year it was just what I needed to fire up my creativity. 

All you need is a heart-shaped cutter and some red tulle...... Because the easiest way to make anything for Valentine's Day is simply make hearts. You can have so much fun with this!

Trust me.....

Afternoon Tea

Heart-shaped Tea Sandwiches

These extremely pretty sandwiches are all made using a heart-shaped cutter about 2 inches across.

We used three different fillings for these gorgeous little treats - ham, cucumber and egg mayonnaise. Those flavours go so well together - especially if you use a little dijon mustard in the ham sandwiches.

Shortbread Hearts

We decided to use shortbread dough because it doesn't spread at all so the hearts stay in a perfect shape. Also, the pale colour looks really pretty with this red glitter edging!

We lightly brushed the edges with egg white and then dipped the hearts into a bowl of red glitter. One quantity makes 4 large hearts and several small ones.

They looked really pretty when we served them in a little silver dish (see top photo).

Mini Apple Roses

I saw these apple roses on a facebook post some time ago - but only just got round to making them. I wanted to make mini ones and these are the size of mini cupcakes. They're simple to make and so so pretty. 

Oh my we had fun with these! They are surprisingly easy to make and they're truly scrumptious! They were a big hit with everyone who tried them.

Loving Pinterest

We love the decadent fun of the red tulle in the picture at the top of this newsletter. All we did was bunch up a length of red tulle and weight it down in places with the food. For extra fun prettiness, we cut out some little hearts from red and pink card and sprinkled them over the tulle.

Here's my Pinterest board where I found most of my inspiration. Have I told you before just how much I love Pinterest? It's so much fun!

I do hope you enjoyed My Afternoon Tea newsletter. I'm keen to make it something that you look forward to. So if you have any suggestions or requests for things you'd like to see more of - or less of - then I welcome your comments.

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