My Afternoon Tea: June 2015

Take an afternoon tea break and enjoy
baking tips and techniques and
fresh ideas for afternoon tea presentation.

Top Tip for Perfect Eclairs

If your choux pastry does not rise, the cause is almost certainly not drying the choux out on the stove top after adding the flour. 

When you dump the flour in, you stir madly and then - and this is crucial - you need to return the pan to the heat for a minute, stirring constantly.

If there is too much liquid in the pastry, it can't rise and you end up with uncooked pastry sausages.... very disappointing. :-(

Click here for our chocolate eclair recipe.

This lovely DIY sandwich stand took just
5 minutes to put together 
and it looked perfect with my table setting!

Old tin (I use this one to store craft supplies)
Glass (it needs a wide bowl for stability)
Poster Putty
and if you like the decoration underneath the glass:
Tissue paper

Ruler and pencil

Wash the tin lid and the glass in hot soapy water and dry them both thoroughly.

Stick four blobs of poster putty to the top of the tin lid in the centre.

Stick the bottom of the glass onto the poster putty and press firmly.

Turn over and .... ta da! Sandwich stand. It may look a little odd right now, but once you have the sandwiches on and it's part of a table setting, it looks so lovely.

You can make this pretty little tissue paper flower to go underneath. I picked a clover flower to put in the centre of it which I think looks lovely.

Or you might have a little decoration of your own that you could put under there instead - a tiny ornament, or a crocheted flower or a even a physilis in its lovely papery shell.....

Best Eye Candy!

My favourite pinterest board this month is my board of cupcakes, particularly because of the first Pin, which is something I simply have to try.... 

Next month, I'm planning on roses being my theme for a table setting. Wouldn't some sweet little cupcakes like these look gorgeous?

Most entrancing cake video

Isn't this fascinating to watch! I loved it. Of course, it's not quite an afternoon tea cake. But those pretty roses would look beautiful on little cupcakes for afternoon tea....

If you were interested in trying out making those little roses, here's the best tutorial video I found.


I do hope you enjoyed My Afternoon Tea newsletter. It's the first one - and I'm keen to make it a newsletter that you look forward to each month. So if you have any suggestions or requests for things you'd like to see more of - or less of - then I welcome your comments

I look forward to seeing you next month when my theme will be Pink Roses.