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February 2017 - A Valentine Tea

Happy Valentine's Day!

Roses for Valentine's? How about pastry ones you can eat!

Show your love with a shortbread glitter heart.

November 2015

Top recipes for an old-fashioned Yorkshire afternoon tea.

Been sectioned for insanity? There's tea....

Shocking revelations of a star ship captain!

October 2015

Best moist carrot cake recipe ever!

The poetry of tea for one.

How to decorate the cutest halloween cookies.

September 2015

Top three recipes for International Chocolate Day.

Make your own lovely cake stands from cardboard!

How chocolate is made - from bean to bar....

August 2015

My top three iced teas this summer.

Four cucumber sandwiches with a twist.

Curl up with your tea on National Book day.

July 2015

Pretty pink roses table setting.

Top tips for perfect sweet pastry every time.

Learn to make napkin roses in less than a minute!

June 2015

Luscious purple and chocolate table setting

Top tips for the best chocolate eclairs in the world!

DIY sandwich platter - in less than five minutes.