My Afternoon Tea: October 2015

Take an afternoon tea break and enjoy
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I think this might be my favourite time of year. The slight nip in the air, the brilliance of yellow leaves against a deep blue sky and the faint melancholy that I feel all make me feel more deeply about life. When I take tea outside at this time, it feels like a precious opportunity, knowing that the long winter is ahead of me.

The Poetry of Tea for One

Did you know it's National Poetry Day on 8th October?

In our family, we do enjoy reading poetry at tea time. It's fun to have a poetry tea with the children, covering the table with treats and then reading old favourites to each other. 

But there's something very special about tea for one - taking some precious time out to nurture ourselves. If poetry isn't your thing, a novel works too - or just gazing at the sky and taking a few minutes for yourself.

This woodland setting in my friend's garden is a perfect shady spot for taking a quiet afternoon tea. The outdoor table is simply covered with beautiful scarves and the garden itself shared its own beautiful table decorations in the form of pine cones, tree stump for lending height and pretty leaves and flowers.

The pond bubbles gently nearby and the fallen pine needles make a carpet on the dusty earth. You can sit and dream of places afar, or just be here and smile up into the branches of the trees, enjoying the gentle dapple of the sunshine on your face.

Reading poetry while drinking tea outside

The cake is our favourite carrot cake (more details below) and this is simply served with a black tea. My current absolute favourite tea is Ceylon tea. It's so delicious that I prefer it without milk. 

If reflecting on life is not your cup of tea (hmmmm) right now then perhaps this poem might make you smile.

The Tea Party poem about tea for one
Tea outside under the tree
Silver tea tray set for one

Best Moist Carrot Cake

Best moist carrot cake slice

This enormous carrot cake is obviously too big for one! But a slice of it is perfect and the rest can be shared with friends and family later.

What a delicious way to use the last of the carrots from the garden....

We've just recently tweaked the recipe to make it even better! We decided that the topping was a little too little, and we made another half quantity to make it more luscious then before. Each time I make this cake I marvel at just how good it is! It really is the most moist and delicious carrot cake that I have ever tasted - and anyone I know who has tasted it agrees!

How to decorate the cutest halloween cookies

Halloween is fast approaching too. I love this video with ideas on how to ice cookies. It's easiest to ice flat cookies. But you can also ice gingerbread and we love to do that. My favourite soft gingerbread cookie recipe makes tasty and delicious gingerbread that fits so well with the season.

I do hope you enjoyed My Afternoon Tea newsletter. I'm keen to make it something that you look forward to. So if you have any suggestions or requests for things you'd like to see more of - or less of - then I welcome your comments.

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