Pink Rose Tea Table Setting

for a perfect English afternoon tea!

Pink roses afternoon tea

This Pink Rose tea table setting was inspired by the beautiful roses in my garden, and my very pretty rosebud teaset that I found in a thrift store last summer.

Roses are delightful to use on any table setting. They are soft and romantic and you can use them in vases, or simply place them on the table. They last long enough out of water to enjoy your afternoon tea. Also, the petals look very pretty just scattered over the table. Roses are safe to consume, so it doesn't matter if they touch the food.

Old sheets and scraps of fabric can transform your furniture

We started off with a shady spot in the garden. I borrowed this sheet from a friend to use as a table cloth - but we also found a similar one for just $2 at the thrift store. It's well worth keeping an eye open and having a few in the cupboard.

You can see that we had to prop up the legs a little on one side to compensate for the slight slope. 

My chairs are not really beautiful - although they will be when I get round to painting them. So I just covered them. These are scraps of pink white and blue fabric just layered up and pinned loosely on to the chair. I had this pretty blue cushion already.

Light blue is a classic colour to pair with pink for a tea party

I think that light blue, pink, white and silver look so pretty together - especially with a roses theme. I gathered together all the blue I could find first and then started adding things. I like to have everything ready before I put the food out. Once the food is out, I don't want it to be more than five minutes before we eat, or the sandwiches go curly...

The blue napkins are folded into a pretty rose shape and I put them in the teacups to hold their shape. This napkin rose looks best with a fabric napkin so that you get the soft effect of the fabric as it drapes. It's incredibly easy to do.

So here comes the food!

Choose sandwiches that complement your theme

tea sandwiches

First on the menu for this pink roses tea party were the sandwiches. I basically chose them to fit in with the colour scheme!

We have poached salmon, cucumber and tomato sandwiches and we served them in sourdough.

Silver plates and cake stands look lovely on most settings

I chose a silver 3 tier folding cake stand to present the sandwiches. I put the sandwiches on the bottom, and the little fruit tarts on the top.

Those tarts, by the way, are utterly amazing! Do try! Link is here... We had some strawberry and some raspberry. 

I used a scrap of pink flowery fabric to wrap around the handle. I didn't even trim it, so you can still see the selvedge - I like the casual look, and I'm all for quick and easy. I tucked the ends under the base when I placed it on the table.

afternoon tea

Serving an unusual jam with your scones keeps things interesting

Scones for afternoon tea

We also chose buttermilk scones, which we served with pink rose petal jam. 

I chose buttermilk scones because I didn't want to overwhelm the flavour of the jam. Actually, the jam really holds its own. I thought it was delicious! And such a pretty colour. We decided that next year we'll have a go at making our own.

The jam we found was from Artisan Edibles in Canada and we bought it in our local cheese shop. They do have outlets in Europe and within Canada. But this Epicurien Rose Petals Confit has good ingredients and looks good too!

Do be aware that this is a very small jar - rose petal jam is quite decadent.

Flowers look lovely as decorations on and around cakes

Final food item - strawberry cake. We made this cake with a combination of fresh and frozen strawberries. Frozen strawberries are good to use because they create lots of lovely juice which looks lovely folded through the cream. But the fresh ones are best for the decoration.

This cake has strawberries folded into the sponge itself for a full strawberry experience!

Fresh strawberry cream cake decorated with roses

We served the cake with rose petals around the edge and a whole rose on the top. I think it looks gorgeous!

We served mint and rose petal tea, in keeping with the pink roses tea party theme. It was very refreshing. It took a while to get the balance of flavours right with this tea. It's easy to put too much mint in and then the rose flavour is overwhelmed. Of course, it really does vary depending on the strength of your rose petals and your mint tea.....

Lots of roses and petals pull the Pink Rose tea table setting together

pink roses in tiny vase

I took a few tiny vases and put roses in them all. 

Add a sprig of elder flower or something similar to give a soft feeling to the flowers.

Cut roses with very short stems and place them on and around the food.

Finally, scatter the whole table with rose petals.

pink roses afternoon teaI love the rose petals round the cake.
raspberry tartsThese tarts were seriously good...
afternoon tea with sconesRose petal jam tastes so good with scones.
afternoon teaBlue and pink look so pretty together.
pink rosesShort stemmed roses in a tiny container.
raspberry tartsThe fabric around the handle is so pretty.
Mmmm! That went down well. :-)