Scone Recipes

This is a selection of my favourite scone recipes.

With a little know-how, scones are simple, delicious, quick and easy to make. They come in a variety of different flavours and are an important part of an English afternoon tea....

Scones all have some similarities. They are made with flour and fat cut or rubbed together, and then liquid is stirred in - usually milk or buttermilk.

Sometimes scones are sweetened, and sometimes they are flavoured in different ways. Sometimes dried fruit is added. Scones can be made with plain flour, when extra raising agent is required. More often, they are made with self-raising flour.

Scone recipes in England seem to be more or less
the same as sweetened biscuits in America.

Scone recipes in England seem to be more or less the same as biscuits in America. It took me ages to work this out, because biscuits in England are cookies in America. More or less.

In my personal opinion, it seems to me that both are very similar, but English tea scones are sweeter and served in the afternoon with jam and cream.

There are plenty of savoury scone recipes, in America and England, but I want to focus on sweeter scones for serving with afternoon tea.I was brought up having fruit scones for afternoon tea, and so that is my basic recipe. But we have been experimenting with different flavours, like chocolate, lemon and buttermilk.

Scones are so quick and easy to whip up at the last minute. You can serve them straight from the oven with a nice cup of tea in 20 minutes with a little practice. Especially if you make small scones.

A good scone should be light and flaky, and it should break open easily with your fingers. They should be broken apart into two with your fingers and then buttered with a knife.

Scones look lovely served on a cake stand with other afternoon tea goodies.

You can whip up scones in just five minutes and
they only take 12 minutes to cook.

In England, a full afternoon tea spread will almost always include English tea scones, served with butter, jam and clotted cream.

Buttermilk scones are more rich and creamy in flavour, and I tend to choose these as I can't get clotted cream easily here in Canada. I serve them with butter and jam.

Chocolate chip scones are a relatively new idea for me. But we are now complete converts. This is our favourite recipe which we serve with hot chocolate. Great for a quick snack after skiing.

These peach scones are a favourite of ours in the late summer when peaches are plentiful, juicy and irresistable. We use fresh peaches in this recipe, which makes the scones beautifully moist and delicious.

These Lemon Scones are light and soft with a lovely subtle tang of lemon. They are then topped with a lemon glaze, which gives them a slight crunch and a kick of lemon. Try with luscious lemon curd...

This lemon curd recipe is simple and easy to make. Tangy and delicious, thick and creamy lemon curd is gorgeous as a cake or tart filling, or on lemon scones.

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