Tuna Sandwich

My favourite tuna sandwich recipe uses salad cream along with the mayonnaise to give a lovely tangy taste. These delicious sandwiches are wonderful along with a selection of other sandwiches for afternoon tea, or even just on their own for an afternoon snack. I like to serve them with slices of apple. 

Salad cream can even totally replace the mayonnaise if you prefer. I think the trick is to make sure that there isn't too much mayonnaise or salad cream in there, otherwise it can become a little overwhelming and even slightly sickly.

I much prefer Heinz salad cream to others on the market. It's tangy and creamy at the same time, and it has a lovely thick texture that works well with tuna (and also in egg mayonnaise sandwiches).
Along with cheese and pickle and tomato, tuna mayonnaise sandwiches are a great store cupboard option. It's so easy to keep a jar of mayonnaise and a tin of tuna on hand, and they are quick and easy to make up. This is my favourite selection of sandwiches for unexpected guests.

Of course, if you prefer, you can make your own homemade mayonnaise and salad cream freshly.

I sometimes like to put a few slices of cucumber in which makes them taste more fresh and also gives a nice crunch. I add fresh ground black pepper, but not usually salt. I think there's enough salt in the salad cream. 

Personally, I prefer to serve tuna on brown bread. Tuna has quite a strong taste that goes well with a flavoursome brown bread, especially granary.

It's easy to halve the recipe by simply keeping the tuna mayonnaise covered in the fridge for the next day.It's important to keep it either covered in clingfilm, or in a little tupperware box, or your whole fridge can end up smelling of tuna!

Tuna Sandwich

Time: 10 minutes
Makes 12-16 little sandwiches.

6 or 8 slices brown bread
170g tin of tuna in water, drained
1 1/2 tablespoons mayonnaise
1/2 tablespoon salad cream
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
fresh ground black pepper

  • In a bowl, gently combine the tuna, mayonnaise, salad cream, lemon juice and pepper, taking care to retain some of the tuna in chunks. 
  • Spread the butter on the slices of bread.

  • Spread the tuna mixture over half of the slices. I use between 1 1/2 and 2 tablespoons of tuna mixture per round of bread.

  • Put some cucumber slices in, if you wish. Put the slices together, trim off the crusts, and cut into triangles, squares or fingers.

For an afternoon snack on their own, I usually present tuna sandwiches cut into triangles and presented in a row on a plate. I like to put a few thin slices of apple around the side as a garnish.

If you ever see long rectangular plates, these are really super for displaying tea sandwiches cut into triangles. Such as this Royal Albert Polka Rose Vintage Formal Sandwich Tray from Amazon.

Serve with

Tuna on brown alternated with cucumber tea sandwiches on white look very pretty. This is a lovely combination to have with a tea loaf such as apple cake.

Tuna is quite a strong flavour. If you're looking for something sweet as an accompaniment, you need to think of strong flavours. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, carrot cake, vanilla cupcakes, for example. More delicate flavours can be swamped.

English Breakfast tea would be a good choice of tea or Lapsang Souchong would be another great accompaniment.

If you would prefer to drink a herbal tea, mint tea is refreshing.

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