Twinings English Breakfast Tea

I love Twinings English Breakfast Tea. It is such an easy tea to drink. There are other blends available, and these are mostly acceptable. But I definitely prefer Twinings so far.

Although it is called a breakfast tea, I love it in the afternoon when I want a tea with a bit more of a kick to it than green tea.

I think of it as posh trucker's tea! When I want a cup of good old straight forward tea, this is my best choice.

Twinings English Breakfast tea is blended using tea from Kenya, Indonesia, India and South China.

It is a lovely strong and flavourful tea. It has a rounded full flavour and is great with just a biscuit for a simple afternoon tea snack.

I also like to drink it with a more savoury or strongly flavoured afternoon tea. I think it goes well with a plate of finger sandwiches and apple fruit cake or scones.

In winter, Twinings English Breakfast tea with crumpets or pikelets smothered in butter is a truly wonderful pick-me-up. It's also robust enough to drink with ginger cake or soft gingerbread cookies.

I generally use teabags with this tea. They are more convenient, and usually if I need English Breakfast, it's because I'm feeling low and I need a real boost. Teabags are quick and easy.

A cup of English Breakfast tea has twice the amount of caffeine than most green teas. Of course, there is still considerably less caffeine in it than coffee. But it does help to keep you going when you have that afternoon dip in energy.

To Brew

In a normal sized teapot, I usually put two teabags.

Let the tea steep for 3-4 minutes before pouring.

If you have made a pot large enough for a second cup, then I would take the teabags out just before you pour so that it doesn't become too "stewed".

An alternative is to have a pot of boiled water to serve alongside the tea to add to the second cup.

I always use milk with English Breakfast tea, as I do with most black teas. It tastes too strong to me without milk.

If I am drinking this tea to warm up in winter, I do sometimes add sugar. That's a very personal choice,of course. But this is one of the very few teas to which I would add sugar. I would also add sugar to Masala Chai. That's another lovely warming tea.

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